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Why I Chose UX For a Career

Products that lead a user to make errors and waste time are a failure on the part of the team that developed them. Understanding your users, their expectations and their usage environment is critical.

I enjoy working in collaborative efforts with product managers, developers, designers and writers to conceive, design and develop high-quality products. The feeling when you deliver something new that users need and that makes their lives easier is worth the effort.


User Understanding

While virtually any UX task can help understand the user, in this case, I'm talking about work early in the product conceptualization and design process. I'm highlighting only more recent work.

  • User research and Design Thinking of Demand Planners

  • Ethnographic study of home health care nurses

  • Concept Formation and Evaluation

  • In-office observations and interviews with university professors

Interaction Design

My focus has been on designing screens and workflows that are usable from early web eCommerce to mobile apps.

  • Altmetrics UI Design

  • Elsevier- Saving Authors to a List Design

  • Design of ScienceDirect Pay-per-View

Usability Testing

For my portfolio, I'm defining usability testing broadly to illustrate the breadth and depth of my work.

  • Retirement Plan Website Design and Testing

  • 3rd Party Testing of Mobile Retirement App

  • PURE Baseline Evaluation

  • Remote, unmoderated testing of visual affordance for field entry

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